Seminar: A Complete Software for Biomarker Discovery Work

Arshad Arafat
M.Sc. Thesis Proposal
Supervisor: Dr. Ting Hu

A Complete Software for Biomarker Discovery Work

Department of Computer Science
Friday, November 23, 2018, 3:05p.m., Room EN 2022

Bio-marker discovery is a major research area which has been studied by various approaches. Recently for the last few decades metabolomics started to flourish as a discipline of study. Along with metabolomics bio-marker discovery found another approach to be studied. Metabolomics gives us the lowest level of information of biological organisms and its state. So studying and analyzing metabolomic data could be enlightening as considered to be an approach of bio marker discovery.

However even though its possibility and commitment there are not a single software developed so far that completely helps the researchers to walk through the entire bio marker discovery process using metabolomic dataset. Only a few software tools are released however none of the mare completely dedicated for the entire workflow of biomarker discovery. Here in this writing we propose to develop a software that is entirely designed for bio-marker discovery with metabolomics data and complete as a whole.