Undergraduate Studies in Computer Science

Many Programs

The Department of Computer Science offers a tailored approach to your studies.

Students who are working towards a BSc or a BA degree can apply to enter our Major programs after the successful completion of a set of first year courses.

Students accepted into the Major can also elect to further specialize in one of our streams, Data-centric ComputingSmart Systems or Visual Computing and Games, or to take the broader  CS Major.

Later in their studies, high achieving students can also apply for Honours and the Co-operative Internship.

We also provide Joint Programs in conjunction with the Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Economics and Geography.  And there is a Minor Program in Computer Science, too.

So, there are many options!

Please follow the links on the left side of the page for more detail about all of these things, and much more, including  how to apply.

Many Courses

The courses that we offer cover a wide variety of subjects. Computer Science is an ever changing discipline, so our courses continually evolve to reflect that and to meet your needs.

Students in our programs can expect to study a balanced mixture of content, covering hardware, software, theory and practice.

The courses are interesting.  Some can be challenging, but rewarding too. You’ll build knowledge and skills that will help you to become both a good computer scientist and a good problem solver.

Earlier courses teach you core skills and knowledge, such as how to code, the history of computing, the logical foundations on which computers are built, and the theory that underpins our approaches to analyzing and designing solutions to problems.

Later courses generally provide more depth and between them have more breadth, and students have more choice of which to take. Many of these courses are delivered by our research faculty, giving an up-to-date insight into the subject.

Many Students

The Department of Computer Science is rapidly growing, with an ever increasing number of undergraduate students each year. That means we have a big community for you to join and get to know. It's a community that looks outwards as well as inwards; see the Computer Science in the Community page.

The Computer Science Society is always looking for members too. They organize social events and fundraisers, as well as offering insights and advice about our programs and courses from the student's perspective.

Many Futures

Our graduates have many job opportunities available to them in Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as throughout Canada and internationally.

There is an ever-increasing demand for programmers and analysts in all aspects of data processing as well as in scientific applications. There are numerous career opportunities in hardware and software design, software and technical support, sales, management and various levels of education.

Students who choose to do an honours degree in computer science also have better opportunities to pursue further study in specialized areas of computer science at the M.Sc. or Ph.D. levels. Many Canadian universities, including Memorial, recommend an honours degree or equivalent in computer science or a closely related discipline for entrance to the M.Sc. program.