Seminar: Web Service Repository Design - A Case Study

Seminar Announcement

Megan O’Connor
Honours Presentation
Supervisor: Dr. Adrian Fiech

Web Service Repository Design - A Case Study

Department of Computer Science
Wednesday, December 12, 2012, 12:00 p.m., Room EN-2022




In the field of Software Engineering, software reuse is recognized as one of the paramount issuesthat affect the quality and cost effectiveness of developed software. Particularly for web basedapplications, reusing web services is not an easy process. Here, finding the necessary services andthe specification of services’ behavior is a non-trivial task. A web service repository is anapplication that makes diverse services available to service consumers (application builders) andprovides searching functionality for its services. This project presents a case study of a web servicerepository design in the domain of medical prescriptions. We identify the relevant data types,predicates and specifications, which constitute the major building blocks for the repository. A smallapplication in the medical domain will be introduced to show how web developers would use therepository and its services to create their web applications. A basic version of the repository witha limited number of services is implemented. The sample medical application is realized byaccessing some of the services provided by the repository.