Seminar: Turbulence Enhanced Statistic based Fluid Simulation

Xue Cui
M.Sc. Thesis Proposal
Supervisor: Dr. Minglun Gong

Turbulence Enhanced Statistic based Fluid Simulation

Department of Computer Science
Friday, January 29, 2016, 2:20 p.m., Room EN 2022


Numerical solutions to Fluid Simulation has been dramatically advanced in last several decades. Scientists and artists have invented several algorithms for generating more realistic motion and rendering results. However, many details either from visual or the motion of fluid is still hard to be captured. This can be attributed to the insufficient mathematical description in microscopic view of fluid motion, such as the perspective based on fluid molecular. Although the classical numerical model has a good approximation of Naiver Stokes Equations, with energy dissipation or the specific simulation scheme, the details motion such as vorticity are ignored or reduced inadvertently. Inevitably, this will lead to some non-physical parameters tuning to artists when creating a complex scenario. As we are looking forward to more natural and real fluid motion, investigating more reliable microscopic physical analysis model should be very helpful. Through studying the Lattice Boltzmann Model algorithm, we found that it can be enhanced once we take different turbulence enhancement techniques into account. Therefore, in this research, I will investigate one of the most recent paper about turbulence enhancement algorithm byXinxin Zhang & Robert Bridson, then give it a try to integrate this method to Lattice Boltzmann Model.