Seminar: Proteins as Small-World Networks: Useful Abstraction or Sexy Illusion?

Susan Khor
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Computer Science Postdoc

Proteins as Small-World Networks: Useful Abstraction or Sexy Illusion?

Department of Computer Science
Thursday, November 21, 2013, 1:00 p.m., Room EN-2022


In this talk, I describe how proteins can be viewed as a type of graph known as small-world networks. The small-world network view of proteins has been known for over a decade now and is gaining traction within the research community. I highlight some ways this abstraction has been used to probe proteins and some of its current limitations. I conclude with an overview of my research direction in this area.


Susan has a PhD in Computer Science from Concordia University Montreal Quebec; and postdoctoral experiences at Collegium Budapest, Hungary, Biotechnology Research Institute Montreal, Quebec and Western University London, Ontario.