Admission to Programs

All students who intend to study Computer Science at Memorial University begin a general B.A. or B.Sc. degree. To apply to become a student at Memorial, please see the university's Admissions page, and please contact if you have any questions about the process.

Once you have been successfully accepted to study at Memorial then you can start taking the courses necessary to apply for admission into one of our programs.

Program Choices

Many programs are available in computer science.

The Major is for students who want to focus their studies on Computer Science.

Students who are accepted into the Majors program can also elect to further specialize in one of our two streams, Smart Systems or Visual Computing and Games.

Later in their studies, high achieving students can also apply for the Honours program and the Co-operative Internship.

For those students with a strong interest in another major subject, we also provide Joint Programs in conjunction with the Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Economics and Geography.

For those students who want to supplement their skills in their major discpline, there is also a Minor program in Computer Science, too.

If a Minor will not fit your program of studies, then a few courses in computing (or even just one!) may be worthwhile additions to your education.

So, there are many options! Visit these links to learn more about them.

Major in Computer Science
Smart Systems Stream
Visual Computing & Games Stream
Minor in Computer Science
Second Degree in CS
Co-operative Internship in Computer Science

And whatever program you choose, remember to keep track of your progress!


Always consult the University Calendar for full program and degree requirements.  If any information listed in the program descriptions provided here differs from the calendar, then take the calendar description to be definitive.  And please let us know about it!

Page last updated May 24th 2021