Seminar: An Epigenetic Approach for Genetic Programming in Dynamic Environments

Esteban Ricalde-Gonzalez
Ph.D. Oral Comprehensive
Supervisory Committee: Dr. Wolfgang Banzhaf, Dr. Minglun Gong and Dr. Oscar Meruvia-Pastor

An Epigenetic Approach for Genetic Programming in Dynamic Environments 

Department of Computer Science
Friday, Feb. 6, 2015, 12:00p.m., Room EN 2022


Genetic Programming (GP) is an Evolutionary-based algorithm that uses an executable program representation. Because of the flexibility of its representation and its context independent methodology, GP can be used to generate solutions to problems in different areas of application of science and technology. In a dynamic environment the GP method needs to be able to adapt to constant changes of the goal and fitness evaluation parameters.

Biological evolution has different mechanisms to deal with environmental perturbations. Recent discoveries imply a more active role of Epigenetic mechanisms on the cellular, individual and species development.

In this research project, an Epigenetics-based mechanism will be developed and integrated to the Genetic Programming algorithm. The modification will be tested in a dynamic environment and its results will be compared to a standard representation as well as to other algorithms previously used to solve the problem.