Program Description

The Master of Artificial Intelligence (MAI) is a course-based Master’s program intended for students who wish to gain the skills to integrate and deploy Artificial Intelligence in a variety of sectors.  The Master of Artificial Intelligence (MAI) is a four-term program intended for students with a computer science, computer engineering or scientific computing background who wish to acquire specialization in Artificial Intelligence.

The selection of core courses provides the foundations for AI and an overview of several areas in AI. The electives courses offer students the opportunity to dive deeper into specific areas of AI, such as robotics, machine learning or image processing. The program distinguishes itself from the existing course-based option MSc in Computer Science and MASc in Computer Engineering by an increased focus on artificial intelligence and related topics, and a decreased emphasis on other areas of computer science and computer engineering. Please note that the program has special fees on top of tuition, and that there is no co-op/work-term component and no funding or scholarships.