Building access and form updates

Mar 29th, 2021

Memorial University

Building access and form updates

Building access and form updates As Memorial moves to low risk level on the COVID-19 Impact Scale, building access continues to be restricted to support the province’s efforts to manage the pandemic. Doors remain locked to the public and card access is required. Exceptions include the Arts and Administration building and the University Centre. Other buildings with card access will remain locked. Buildings with key access will be unlocked weekdays 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Please use main doors as designated entrances in those buildings.

Tunnels and pedways will be open to provide safe passage from the outside elements and conditions and for required travel between buildings. Employees should limit visits to other buildings as much as possible. A few tunnel access exceptions are in place, including the tunnel connecting the Music Building to the Science Building remains closed.

Employees who have approval from their supervisor to access campus or field activities must complete this activity form. This form only needs to be completed once and replaces the daily Access to Campus form. Employees on Grenfell Campus who require access should complete this one time form as well. Marine Institute employees can continue to complete the MI building access request form.

Visitors to the university must complete the visitor activity form. Visitors may include contractors, visiting researchers, occupants of leased space, etc. Those entering the province with a travel exemption must continue to complete the exempted worker form. Contractors who have a standing offer or tender agreement with Memorial do not need to complete the visitor activity form.