Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences- Career Development Coordinator

For advice about careers please contact:

Andrea Keating
Career Development Coordinator (Humanities and Social Sciences)
Arts and Administration Bldg
Room A-2070

Andrea Keating is the Career Development Coordinator for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Her expertise and guidance are available to students in the faculty and to alumni. Appointment types include: career consultation, resume and cover letter consultation, job search consultation, mock interview, Gzowski internship consultation.

Students can book an appointment through Navigate (a free mobile app). Be sure to select Career Advising – Arts as the appointment type.

To get started, browse this listing of career possibilities and imagine where a Bachelor of Arts Degree can take you.

Professional Development Opportunites for HSS Students:

Spring 2020

Virtual Career Workshops

Career Advisors across Memorial Univerisity's St. John's campus have partnered to bring students a series of career development/job search workshops online. The content of the workshops will address ways of building job search techniques and conducting career exploration using online resources. Students can choose to attend one virtual workshop or attend them all.

Campus to Career

Campus to Career is a one-day event aimed to help students transition from their classroom to their career. Come join us for a virtual series of interactive sessions focusing on career planning, job search, and employability skills. You will be provided with career-related-tips and learn techniques that will help you navigate your career path. During the workshop you will be able to put into practice what you have learned and build your confidence so that you can prepare for success. Participants will be required to complete the Clifton Strengths Assessment in advance of the workshop. You will receive instructions and access to the assessment prior to the day.

Date: Thursday, June 4, 2020
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Location: Online via BrightSpace
Presented by: HSS and Career Development
To register visit:

Event Schedule
9:00-10:00 Know your Strengths
10:15-10:45 Creating your Resume & Cover Letter
11:00-11:45 LinkedIn Profile Tips & Strategies
11:45-1:00 Lunch Break
1:00-2:00 Conversation with a Hiring Manager

Career Exploration Workshop
Are you exploring or planning your career and looking for advice? Attend our workshop to learn about the steps you can take towards navigating your career path.

Location: Online (Brightspace)
June 3rd from 1-2 pm
Presented by: Career Development
To register:

Writing Professional Emails
Writing professional emails is an important skill to master. This webinar will outline the rules of proper etiquette, structure and style, and enable you to communicate your message to your recipient in a professional manner!
Location: Online (Brightspace)
June 10th from 1-2 pm
Presented by: The School of Graduate Studies
Register here:

Creating Your Resume and Cover Letter
Location: Online (Brightspace)
Learn helpful tips for creating an effective resume and cover letter.
June 17th from 1-2 pm
Presented by: Career Development
Register here:

Interview Skills
Do you have questions about job interviews? The presentaion will focus on tips for different types of interviews including in-person, telephone, and online. Now is a great time to build up your career skills so that you are ready when opportunities arise. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions.
June 24th from 1-2pm.
Location: Brightspace
Presented by: Career Development
Register here:

Communicating Effectively in an Intercultural Professional Setting
This talk will discuss ways to enhance one’s ability to communicate orally and in writing in a professional setting particularly in the context of intercultural communication. Starting with "Who" needs to be a good communicator, through "What" effective communication entails, we will discuss "Why" effective communication is so important in today’s professional world, and "When" and "Where" one can learn the communication skills and competencies so valued by employers. Emphasis will be given to communication across cultures - when the culture of the participants differ and generate breakdowns in communication. From the use and overuse of acronyms and jargon, to Kaplan’s five models for organizing a paper and structuring an argument, this talk will highlight potential pitfalls to keep in mind.

Date and Time: Thursday, June 25, 1 – 2 pm NST
Mode: Online (Connection link will be sent prior to event)
Presenter: Dr. Cristina Fabretto, Per-Course Teaching-Term Appointee, Italian, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures                                                                        Registration:

Virtual Networking Tips
Networking is an essential part on any job search and is often hailed as the most effective strategy for uncovering opportunities. We can still maintain and develop our professional network even as industry professionals are working remotely. In this presentation, learn how to build a professional network online, effective online platforms in which to do so, and tips on how to be an effective virtual networker.
Location: Brightspace
Presented by: HSS
June 30th from 1-2 pm.
Register here:


BA grads work in a wide variety of diverse careers – from non-profits to hospitality, from advertising to government – and yet the myth of the BA as barista persists.

To combat this fake news, we're bringing students real-life stories of BA grads, including where they are working and how they got there.

Join host (and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences student) Gillian Aylward LIVE on Facebook as she chats with Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences alumni and gets key info about how to forge your own unique career path.


Winter 2020:

Terra Barrett, Heritage Education and Public Programming, (MA, BA, Folklore) - view interview here

Travis Inkpen, Sales and Business Development, (BA, Political Science)- view interview here.

Jennifer Crowe, Leadership, Youth and Community Development, (Masters in Public Admistration, BA, Honours, Political Science) - view interview here .

Fall 2019:

Mimi Sheriff, Technology Professional, Entrepreneur, (Master of Gender Studies) - view interview here.

Julia Buckley, Federal Public Servant, (BA, French) - view interview here.

Winter 2019:

Jeremy Bonia, Entrepreneur, (BA, History) – view interview here.

Julie Rickward, Communications Professional, (BA, English/Communication Studies) – view interview here.

Michelle Snow, Senior Public Servant, (BA, Economics) - view interview here.

Career Week 2020

March 2-6, 2020 is Career Week at Memorial! A series of events is scheduled throughout the week – including A BA Employability Skills Workshop, networking events, and the Summer Job Fair. The list of events scheduled is available here

Digital Literacy Training

The Commons' Augmented Program seeks to "augment" the knowledge and skills that Memorial students receive during their time on campus to include additional practical technical knowledge and skills, skills like the ones that our student staff receive while working at The Commons.

The program consist of roughly twelve hours in each of the fall and winter semesters. Content is delivered through a Brightspace shell but workshops must be attended in-person. There will be multiple time slot options for the workshop weeks to accommodate various student schedules. In order to receive a certificate of completion for the Augmented Program, students must submit 80% of the challenges or quizzes and submit all workshop outputs. Challenges are mini assignments. Challenges and workshops outputs are evaluated on a pass or fail basis with a weighting on the process of production as opposed to the end product. 1 on 1 tutoring support will available for all participants.

Winter Schedule

Week 1 - Poster Making with GIMP - the free photoshop
Week 2 - Pick a Workshop from the Winter Options
Week 3 - Making A Fillable Form for Collecting Responses
Week 4 - Excel intermediate excel graphs
Week 5 - How the internet works
Week 6 - Inscape - free vector graphics
Week 7 - Pick a Workshop from the Winter Options
Week 8 - Excel - Putting It All Together
Week 9 - Automating Mass Correspondence with Mail Merge
Week 10 - Understanding how Content is served up to FB and Google users


WINTER Options (pick two)

Workshop 3d Printing for Non-engineers
Workshop Launch Your Own Podcast
Workshop Launch Your Own Youtube Show
Workshop Make Your Academic Paper Suck Less
Workshop Social Media Campaigning 101
Workshop Make Cool Looking Posters for Marketing
Workshop CAD and 3d printing workshop
Workshop Game Dev Workshop

More information about the program can be found here

CBC Radio Peter Gzowski Internship

Memorial is one of only four universities across Canada given this rare opportunity to gain valuable work experience in radio production with CBC Radio. The CBC Radio Peter Gzowski Internship competition is open to students in the final year of their degree program and the selected applicant will receive a week of training in Toronto before continuing with their internship here in St. John's. The Gzowski intern will receive a weekly salary and be compensated for travel and accommodation expenses for the training. This internship opportunity takes place each year starting early May and continues until the end of August.

Application packages must be submitted before the deadline of Noon on Friday, February 5, 2021

*In order to be eligible to apply, students must be in their final year, graduating in Spring 2021 or Fall 2021.

To learn more about the application requirements and selection process, visit or contact the Career Development Coordinator.

Career Learning Series

Memorial's Career Center offers rotating career-related workshops in UC-4002. The workshops are 30 minutes long and are drop-in (i.e. no registration is required). Check out the Student Life calendar to see upcoming workshops.

Creating or Enhancing your LinkedIn Profile
This workshop concentrates on the role of LinkedIn for job search and networking, and provides guidelines for creating an effective profile. Come learn about how to best market yourself through LinkedIn, build your network, and find jobs.

Job Search Strategies
Searching for a job can be a full-time job! Come learn effective strategies for navigating the job search process.

Interview Skills
Do you get the interview jitters? Need some advice and information on interview etiquette? Come to the Interview Skills Workshop to learn about the interviewing process and how to answer behavioural and situational-based questions.

Career Exploration
Are you exploring or planning your career and looking for advice? Attend our workshop to learn about the steps you can take towards navigating your career path.


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