Diploma in Public policy

The Diploma in Public Policy is an undergraduate program administered by the Department of Political Science.

The Diploma in Public Policy is designed for those who are interested in the study of governance and policy responses to public issues, but who do not want commit to a Bachelor Degree in Political Science or Law and Public Policy, or who want an additional certification to complement their Bachelor Degree. 

The program's objective is to provide foundational knowledge that is essential for exploring topical issues in diverse policy fields and settings. The program is structured around introductory and advanced core courses in Political Science that promote understanding of the theoretical parameters of public policy, such as the processes and mechanisms that are relied upon to define and solve policy problems. These core skills and competencies are used in the analysis and study of public policy in a variety of interdisciplinary fields.

Regulations for the Diploma in Public Policy

See the University Calendar.

Admission Info

Direct admission to this program is not available. Interested applicants who are not current Memorial University students should submit an undergraduate application for admission. In the application, select the Admission Category that matches your academic background (excluding Non-degree student, which does not lead to the awarding of a credential). Unless you wish to complete an additional program at Memorial, it is recommended that you select your Area of Interest as Unsure (Undergraduate) and Academic Program as Unsure Program – General Admission. General admission is subject to your meeting the general admission requirements for Memorial University, and does not guarantee admission to this program.

Current or admitted students interested in a Diploma in Public Policy are encouraged to consult with the Program Director to discuss the requirements of the program. After consultation with the Program Director, students wishing to enroll in the diploma can declare a Diploma in Public Policy by submitting a declaration form to the Office of the Registrar (with the Program Director’s signature).

Program Director

For more information students are invited to contact the Program Director. Please see https://www.mun.ca/hss/about/contact-us/certificate-and-diploma-directors/ for current contact information.

Upcoming Courses in the Diploma

For a full list of courses included in the Diploma in Public Policy consult the university calendar. To look for course offerings in upcoming semesters please visit: https://www.mun.ca/hss/upcoming-undergraduate-courses/?subject=LWPP