Faculty of Arts at film fest

Oct 14th, 2014

Janet Harron

Faculty of Arts at film fest

Faculty of Arts alumni and faculty are well represented at the current St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival.

Sadie, directed by Department of Archaeology lecturer Dr. Latonia Hartery, which will have its world premiere on Friday, October 17 as part of the CBC gala at 7 p.m. at the LSPU Hall.

Set in rural Newfoundland, Sadie tells the story of a nurse from away (Joanne Kelly) who tries to help teenage Sadie (Emily Corcoran) grieve the loss of her parents and adapt to new guardians. 

The film was produced by Faculty of Arts alumnus Deanne Foley whose second feature film Relative Happiness, which she co-wrote and directed, is closing the festival on Sat. October 18 at the St. John’s Arts and Culture Centre.

The screenplay for Sadie was written by Emily Bridger who studied playwriting with Robert Chafe at Memorial. Ms. Bridger also attended Dr. Jamie Skidmore’s Theatre and Social Justice Harlow program in the fall of 2012.

Dr. Hartery has also been named as one of the winters of the St. John’s Women’s Film Festival’s Inaugural Interactive Program for her project about sealskin boots on the Northern Peninsula.

“Sadie is set in 1940 and is a historical look at the isobel in rural outports and how that shaped us as a people. The past is something I am fascinated with and have devoted my life to studying,” said Dr. Hartery. “Film and archaeology aren’t that different – archaeology assesses what people do and how they do it through material means.  Film does the same thing but using a camera.  It’s a nice match and it only makes sense to marry the two.” 

More information on Sadie, Relative Happiness and other films screenings at the festival can be found at www.womensfilmfestival.com/.