COAST HSS Project Coordinator Wanted

Sep 9th, 2016

Janet Harron

COAST HSS Project Coordinator Wanted

COASTS HSS project coordinator

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) is hiring an HSS graduate student (preferably a doctoral student) to support the second year of COASTS HSS initiatives. COASTS is an opportunity for the HSS Faculty to champion our substantial social science and humanities expertise in research, teaching, and public engagement related to Cold Oceans and Arctic Science, Technology, and Society.

With myriad initiatives that fit under the COASTS banner, the Faculty is in a strong position to significantly contribute to university-wide projects and discussions about COASTS. While a cursory list of Arts areas that fit into COASTS includes fish and fisheries, environmental change, mobility and migration, Newfoundland and Labrador history and contemporary culture, and natural resources and sustainable communities, there is clearly much more COASTS-related activity going on in our Faculty. Initiated by the President's Office as an "emergent strategic initiative,” we have adapted COASTS to highlight our work.

We have obtained funding to hire a student to compile information about faculty and graduate student work, to build a communication network to better talk to each other, to the university community, and to the public about COASTS HSS and to co-orgranize a symposium in the Spring.  The position is that of project coordinator. (This is one of two project coordinator positions; the other project coordinator has already been hired.)

Duties include: surveying and fostering the engagement of HSS faculty in COASTS; completing an historic and current overview of humanities research on COASTS; co-organizing a COASTS-related symposium in 2017; co-building a COASTS website presence for the Faculty; and occasionally updating Faculty Council andHSS Graduate Council on work to date.

Reporting to the COASTS HSS Working Group, the position is for 10 hours per month from October 1, 2016, to April 30, 2017. Total hours = 70, paid using TAUMAN rates.  The coordinator will have the support of the Dean’s office and will collaborate with the current project coordinator. 

Qualifications:  Applicants must be a current graduate student in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and have exceptional strengths in some or all of the following:

[if !supportLists]·      [endif]Event management

[if !supportLists]·      [endif]Website content and social media management

[if !supportLists]·      [endif]Communications and promotion

[if !supportLists]·      [endif]Data collection

[if !supportLists]·      [endif]Writing reports

[if !supportLists]·      [endif]Interpersonal skills

Doing graduate research related to COASTS would be a benefit.


Applicants must submit an updated CV, a cover letter explaining their interest in this position, and the name of at least one referee. Applications are due Friday, September 23, and should be submitted to Darlene Kennedy, Assistant to the Dean, Office of the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, AA 5015.