Recording lectures

Oct 2nd, 2020

Courtenay Alcock

Recording lectures

For fall 2020, instructors can now book recording sessions in Lecture Capture classrooms with CITL. Use familiar classroom technologies to record lectures for asynchronous delivery, and share them with students in your Brightspace course site. Learn more.

In addition to Lecture Capture, CITL offers two other recording and delivery options. For a more supported approach, the Classroom Studio may be a preferred option. Using familiar classroom technology, a CITL video production expert will record your lectures and upload them to a server, then you can embed the videos into your Brightspace course site. For a Do-It-Yourself approach, you can record your own lectures and upload them through the video upload service in your Brightspace dashboard. Learn more about DIY software solutions that can be paired with the video upload service.

For further assistance with any of these options, please contact our Support Centre.