Interdisciplinary Programs Questions and Answers

What is an interdisciplinary program?

Undergraduate interdisciplinary major and minor programs consist of courses that deal with a common topic from a variety of departments within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. This normally prioritizes core courses and is supplemented by other courses that bring different approaches to the study of the subject matter. Each program is administered by an Academic Advisor, who may be supported by a program committee.

What can I choose as my corresponding program (major or minor)?

A student completing an interdisciplinary Humanities and Social Sciences program must choose a corresponding Minor or second Major in a single discipline (i.e., offered by a department or another eligible Faculty). Only one of the B.A. degree programs may be interdisciplinary.

Who are “grandparented” students who can follow the old program regulations?

Students who, prior to September 2015, had completed a 2000-level course or higher in an interdisciplinary major or minor is eligible to choose between following the newer program regulations or the old “grandparented” program regulations. Normally, grandparented students who are close to completing their program will carry on following the old regulations, while those grandparented students who are at the early stages of their program are encouraged to consider following the new regulations. All other students may follow the new regulations only.

Who should I contact with questions?

Students pursuing an interdisciplinary major or minor are encouraged to consult the university calendars to become familiar with the program regulations. Students should select a set of regulations that they are eligible to follow and use these when planning future course selections. Students should also consult their program’s webpage on the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences website. Program questions should be directed to the relevant program liaison. For a listing of Arts undergraduate liaisons see

Please note that the academic calendar is the final authority on all university regulations.


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