Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between the Bachelor of Arts Major in PLST and the Diploma in PLST?

The BA Major in PLST is available to any student. Most students who enter the university and are interested in applying to any police force (including the RNC) and have to do the five required courses will pick this degree program as their starting point. Along with the five required courses it is recommended that students do some of the courses required for the Bachelor of Arts program. Students work towards the degree while they are applying to get into the RNC. If you don't get accepted into the program - you will still have your degree.

Previously, the Diploma in PLST was only available to students who had been accepted as recruits with the RNC. However, anyone interested in the diploma program can apply as of September, 2018. Admission will be competitive.

2. Do I have to have a degree to get into the Police Studies Diploma Program?

No, you do not have to have a degree but if you don’t, you are required to take five university courses as prerequisites (listed under admission requirements), or the equivalent.

3. Do the required courses have to be completed at a university?

No, equivalent courses can also be completed at other post-secondary institutions and then credit can be transferred to MUN. Credits may be able to be transferred from other recognized colleges as well.

4. Will I be considered for acceptance to the program if I have completed other types of programs like Techology Programs or Diploma Programs at other institutions?

Normally not but it is always best to check with the Program Coordinator to see if the program or training you have completed will be considered as equivalent to the admission requirements.

5. Do I just apply to the PLST diploma program and get into the RNC if I have the five required courses?

Yes, applicants apply to the University registrar if they have the required prerequisites.

6. What happens if I have already completed some of the courses required in the PLST program?

If you have completed some of the required courses and are accepted into the program, you will have fewer courses to take.

7. Will I have an advantage over other applicants if I do some of the required coursese first?

No you will not have an advantage if you complete the required courses.

8. What is the cost of the program?

The program consists of two full semesters on campus. University costs are the same as for any other student completing a full time course load for the two semesters. Check out this website for more detail on costs.


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