Special topics course on Canada's future

Nov 13th, 2014

Janet Harron

Special topics course on Canada's future

Collaborate with Canada's top minds and students across the country to shape the future.

Are you interested in your own future and that of your country?  Do you want to engage in sessions with students in other provinces?  This new course asks students aross the country to discuss different aspects of their life - the workplace, family, religion, health and health care, diversity, public engagement and politics, Canada in the world, etc. - one each week - and asks:

You have 60 + years of life ahead of you, 40 + years of work-life.

How do you want to live them?  In what kind of Canda? In what kind of world?

A message from “Making the Future” instructor Ken Dryden (Order of Canada, Hockey Hall of Fame, McGill University)

This is the kind of course I would want to take.

It’s about Canada.  It’s about different aspects of the way we live – the workplace, family, religion, health and health care, diversity, politics, our role in the world.  It’s about how we were, how we are, and how we got to be this way.  And, most importantly, as individuals, as a country, it’s about where we’re going and how we get there.

It’s about the future.  It’s about you as students, with 60-plus years of your lives ahead of you and 40-plus years of your work life, being asked, what life do you want to live?  What kind of Canada do you want to live in?  It’syour life.  Imagine you are a driver not just a passenger to it.  Where do you want to take it?

It’s about very interesting people who, as presenters, week after week, talk about something they know really well.  And, it’s about these same people who, with children of their own, with their own students, as engaged citizens, are also interested in the future and, with you, are willing to puzzle through its questions and challenges.

It’s about students in different universities in different parts of the country, connected to each other, experiencing and learning together.

I hope to see you in January.

-Ken Dryden

"….an amazing one-of-a-kind class that has completely 
changed the way I perceive the future of Canada…" -T.C.

"Twenty years from now, I'll look back on this class and say, '
Look at how many of us went on to shape this country". Thank you" -E.H.

"You have inspired the next generation of Canadians." -N.R.

"Thank you for showing us we are important 
and that we can make a difference." -S.R.

A unique collaboration between five universities in five provinces - Memorial students will enage with their peers at the universities of Calgary, Ryerson, Sherbrooke, Saskatchewan and McGill.

SOCI 3310: Making the Future

WINTER 2015 Thursday 3:30 to 6:30 p.m., AA 2065

(Must be taken as an elective, not for sociology credit.)