RNC constable receives medal of excellence

Jun 11th, 2014

Janet Harron

RNC constable receives medal of excellence

RNC Constable Marina Carbonelli was the recipient of the 2014 University Medal of Academic Excellence for Police Studies at the recent convocation ceremonies.

Already a Memorial alumnus through the police studies diploma program, Constable Carbonelli found the major to be a “great mix of many disciplines.”

As a shift worker and a mother, she says distance learning really worked for her.

“I was able to complete my assignments and do my course work when I had time instead of committing to attending class at a specific time every week. I learned a lot more about my classmates in distance courses, because people tend to share more in discussion postings than they would in a traditional classroom setting.”

She says the biggest challenge of the program was the initial decision to return to school – but she’s glad she made the leap. 

“Completing the police studies major has made me a more critical thinker, a better writer, and it has sparked my interest in learning,” said Constable Carbonelli, who is now a masters student in the sociology department.  “I think the confidence I have gained through the police studies major will benefit me throughout my career and the content of many of the courses has changed the way I see crime, society and policing.”

Police studies is a relatively new academic field but, according to Constable Carbonello, university educated recruits and officers expose police forces to emerging research in the field, which informs best practices on the job.

“Education helps us broaden our knowledge base, helps us become critical thinkers and better officers. The combination of education and experience allows for a diverse and capable organization.  The education I've gained from Memorial puts me in a better position to really learn from the experienced officers within my organization, and helps us maintain the high level of professionalism they established.”