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Grants Webinar: One Project, Multiple Applications

Location: Hybrid: AA5014 & Webex - please see below or the HSS Newsline for link and access details. No registration will be required

Wed, 05 Oct 2022 09:30:00 NDT - Wed, 05 Oct 2022 11:00:00 NDT

Sometimes a research project doesn't fit neatly into one grant program or application, and it means applying to several competitions and sources to meet the project's various expenses and needs. In this webinar HSS Grant Facilitation Officers will discuss how to plan for multiple applications for a single research project. The webinar will use the following competitions as a case study, but the principles can be applied more generally to any scenario involving one project with multiple applications.

  • The Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP)
  • The Smallwood Foundation - Research Grant
  • The Institute for Economic Research - Research Grant
  • The Provincial Archaeological Office - Research Grant

Attendance is open to all Memorial applicants. This will be a hybrid event, hosted in AA5014, and online via webex.