A Fine Crowd 2017

(left to right): Alex Marland, Julie Brittain, Agnes Juhasz-Ormsby, Sonja Boon, Jeff Webb, Sebastian Rossignol, Michael Wernerheim

The publication of a book is often the culmination of many years of sustained research or concentrated creative energy. This annual event acknowledges the significant achievement of those who wrote or compiled/edited a volume.

(E) after author’s name indicates editor. (T) after author’s name indicates translator.


Title Author
The Giant Eagle and other stories Marguerite MacKenzie (E) Julie Brittain (T)
Scottish Arctic Whaling Chelsey Sanger
Inuit Studies Lisa Rankin (E)
Subsistence under Capitalism : Historical and Contemporary Perspectives Dean Bavington (E)
Approvisionner Cayenne Sous L’Ancien Regime : Archeologie et Histoire des Reseaux Commerciaux Catherine Losier
Sweat Equity : Cooperative House-Building in Newfoundland 1920-1974 Chris Sharpe and A.J. (Jo) Shawyer
Observing the Outports: Describing Newfoundland Culture, 1950-1980 Jeff Webb
Borderland Films: American Cinema, Mexico, and Canada during the Progressive Era Dominique Bregent-Heald
Mining and Communities in Northern Canada: History, Politics, and Memory Arn Keeling (E) John Sandlos (E)
Voyage, vitesse et alterite selon Paul Morand et Nicolas Bouvier Halia Koo
Engaging with Ethics in International Criminological Research Rose Ricciardelli (E)
Adding Insult to Injury: (Mis) Treating Homeless Women in Our Mental Health System Rose Ricciardelli
An Extraordinary Ordinary Man: The Life Story of Edgar House Doug House
Place Peripheral- Place-Based Development in Rural, Island, and Remote Regions Kelly Vodden (E)
The Mi-kmaw Grammar of Father Pacifique John Hewson
Telling the Flesh: Life Writing, Citizenship, and the Body in the letters to Samuel Auguste Tissot Sonja Boon
Brought to Light: Contemporary Freemasonry, Meaning, and Society Scott Kenney
Brand Command: Canadian Politics and Democracy in the Age of Message Control Alex Marland
Canadian Election Analysis: Communication, Strategy, and Democracy Alex Marland
Inside Canadian Politics Alex Marland
Conflicted Colony- Critical Episodes in Nineteenth-Century Newfoundland and Labrador Kurt Korneski
Newly added  
The Finest Room in the Colony: The Library of John Thomas Mullock Agnes Juhasz-Ormsby and Nancy Earle (E)
Urkundenformeln im Kontext: Formen der Schriftkultur im Ostmitteleuropa des Mittelalters Sebastien Rossignol
Edge Mary Dalton
Approvisionner Cayenne Sous L’Ancien Regime : Archeologie et Histoire des Reseaux Commerciaux Catherine Losier
Rethinking German Idealism Sean McGrath

Dean's Awards

(left to right) Julle Temple Newhook, Helen Knapman, Dean Phillips, Michael Wernerheim, Jeff Webb


Teaching Excellence, tenured
Michael Wernerheim, economics

Teaching Excellence, non-tenure
Julie Temple Newhook, English

Distinguished Scholarship
Scott Matthews, political science

Retiree Recognition
Evan Simpson, philosophy

Exceptional Service
Helen Knapman, political science

Graduate Supervision
Tony Fang, economics

Peter Cashin Award
Jeff Webb, history

Community Research Engagement
Trinity Bay North (nominated by Nicholas Lymer, geography grad student)