A Fine Crowd 2015


(L to R) Anne Graham, Alex Marland, Robert Ormsby, Christopher Dunn, Nancy Pedri, Lucian Ashworth, Valerie Burton, Vit Bubenik, Marguerite MacKenzie, Adrian Tanner, Marilyn Porter, Luke Roman, Jenny Higgins, Sean McGrath, Rose Ricciardelli

Title: Author:
A History of International Thought - From the origins of the Modern state to academic international relations Lucian M. Ashworth
The Library of the Abbey of La Trappe: A study of its history from the twelfth century to the French Revolution, with an annotated Edition of the 1752 catalogue David N. Bell
Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics, Vol. 1, 2 and 3 Vit Bubenik (Editor)
The Cultural Dynamics of Shell-Matrix Sites Meghan Burchell
Changing Places- Feminist Essays on Empathy and Relocation Valerie Burton (Editor), Jean Guthrie (Editor)
Death on Two Fronts Sean Cadigan
Blood and Fire- Toward a Global Anthropology of Labor August Carbonella
Creating This Place- Women, Family, and Class in St. John’s, 1900-1950 Linda Cullum (Editor), Marilyn Porter (Editor)
Deputy Ministers in Canada: Comparative and Jurisdictional Perspectives Christopher Dunn
K.L. Reich Robert Finley (Translator)
Tangence- L’exemplarite de la scene: theatre, politique et religion au xvi siècle Anne G. Graham
Perished Jenny Higgins
History and Renewal of the Labrador’s Inuit-Metis John C. Kennedy (Editor)
The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Plays Vol. 2 Denyse Lynde (Editor)
Innu Medical Glossary Natukun-Aimuna Marguerite MacKenzie (Editor)
Chahkapas A Naskapi Legend Marguerite MacKenzie (Editor), Julie Brittain (Translator)
The Dancing Ants, A Naskapi Legend Marguerite MacKenzie (Editor), Julie Brittain (Translator)
First Among Unequals: The Premier, Politics and Policy In Newfoundland and Labrador Alex Marland (Editor)
Political Communication in Canada: Meet the Press and Tweet the rest Alex Marland
Coriolanus Robert Ormsby
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Kim Ian Parker
Picturing the Language of Images Nancy Pedri (Editor)
Decoding Dao: Reading the Dao De Jing and the Zhuangzi Lee Dian Rainey
Surviving Incarceration: Inside Canadian Prisons Rose Riccariardelli
Giovanni Gioviano Pontano On Married Love Eridanus Luke Roman
Poetic Autonomy in Ancient Rome Luke Roman
Bringing Home Animals, 2nd Edition Adrian Tanner

Dean's Awards

Dean's Awards Winners 2014

(L-R) Sandra Clarke, Sharon Roseman, Lynne Phillips (Dean of Arts), Jenny Higgins, Sonja Boon & Peter Gratton

Award Recipient
Graduate Supervision Sharon Roseman
Teaching Excellence Sonja Boon
Distinguished Scholarship Peter Gratton
Exceptional Service to the Faculty Jenny Higgins
William J. Kirwin Retiree Recognition Sandra Clarke