A Fine Crowd 2012

Name Book Title
Bell, David Capire Rancé – La Spiritualità Dell’Abate Di La Trappe Sullo Sfondo Del Suo Tempo
Bittner , Amanda Platform or Personality? The Role of Party Leaders in Elections
Boon , Sonja Life of Madame Necker
Branigan, Phil Provocative Syntax
Chuenpagdee , Ratana World Small-Scale Fisheries Contemporary Visions
Connor , James &   Curtis , Stephan Medicine in the Remote and Rural North 1800-2000
Dyer , Jennifer Serial Images: The Modern Art of Iteration
Jamieson,   Scott,   O Reilly,   Magessa   and   Thareau, Anne Vis-à-Vis, Beginning French
Renouf , M. A. P. The Cultural Landscapes of Port au Choix: Precontact Hunter-Gatherers of Northwestern Newfoundland.
Rompkey , Ronald The Diary of Bishop Edward Field in 1844
Smith , Paul and Thorne, Cory The Folklore of Newfoundland & Labrador
Burton, Valerie More Than a List of Crew


Dean's Awards

Award Recipient
Outstanding Academic Service Chris Youé
Teaching Excellence Linda Cullum
Teaching Excellence (Non-Tenure Track) Sébastien Després
Distinguished Scholarship Sean McGrath
Graduate Supervision Alistair Bath