Teaching and Learning Chair

In fall 2014, Memorial University created a Chairs in Teaching and Learning (CTL) program to enhance the student learning experience by promoting the development of innovative pedagogical approaches, teaching capacity and competence across the university, within academic and support units, and at the level of individual faculty members. Under the provisions of the strategic plan for the Teaching and Learning Framework, each faculty and school was able to appoint a Chair in Teaching and Learning.  Chairs across all 13 of MUN's schools and campuses meet monthly to collaborate and support one another in these efforts, with the aid of The Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL).

The inaugural Chair position (2015-2017) for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is held by Dr. Max Liboiron, whose focus was on Decolonizing teaching and learning and serving Aboriginal students at MUN. This included a year-long effort to ensure all intake forms at the university allowed students to self-identify as Aboriginal or Indigneous; working with the Aboriginal Resource Office on recruitment and support; and facilitating workshops, meetings, and discussing on Decolonizing teaching and learning. If faculty are interested in continuing their learning and capacity in this area, the following texts are recommended:

Accomplices not Allies

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