Undergraduate Liaisons

Students with general questions about possible degree programs, degree requirements and academic advice in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences should contact:

Renée Shute
Manager of Academic Programs, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
8:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday
8:30 am – 4:00 pm during the summer (June, July, August)
AA-4077 (Arts and Administration)

First year students are encouraged to contact the Academic Advising Centre with questions.

Students looking for advice in declaring a particular major within the Faculty of Arts or students looking for advice on course selection for their declared majors should contact the Undergraduate Liaison in the department of their major for assistance.

Undergraduate Liaisons 2019-2020

A page is available outlining the roles and responsibilities of Undergraduate Liaisons.

DepartmentNameE-Mail AddressPhoneRoom
AnthropologyDr. August Carbonellaaugustc@mun.ca864-8860QC4008
ArchaeologyDr. Oscar Moroomoro@mun.ca864-3439QC4019
ClassicsDr. Milo Nikolicmnikolic@mun.ca864-8708A2058
Communication Studies (English)Dr. Dwayne Averydavery@mun.ca864-8928A3034
EconomicsDr. Nikita Lyssenkonlysenko@mun.ca864-2149A3096
EnglishDr. Jennifer Lokashjlokash@mun.ca864-8277A3026
FolkloreDr. Mariya Lesivmlesiv@mun.ca864-8409ED4049
French (MLLC)Dr. Virginia Harger-Grinlingvhargerg@mun.ca864-8567SN4047C
Gender StudiesDr. Vicki Sara Hallettvshallett@mun.ca864-2376SN 4075
GeographyDr. Norm Cattoncatto@mun.ca864-7417SN2012A
German (MLLC)Dr. Maria Mayrmmayar@mun.ca864-8829SN3056
HistoryDr. Sébastien Rossignolsrossignol@mun.ca864-2602A4009
Law & Society (Political Science)Dr. Scott Matthewsscott.matthews@mun.ca864-3093SN2032
LinguisticsDr. Sara MacKenziesjmackenzie@mun.ca864-8170SN3050E
Medieval Studies (Philosophy)Dr. John Geckjgeck@mu.ca864-8058AA3032
PhilosophyDr. Shannon Hoffshoff@mun.ca864-8341AA3105
Police Studies (Sociology)Dr. Adrienne Petersapeters@mun.ca864-2665A4064
Political ScienceDr. Dimitrios Panagosdpanagos@mun.ca864-8175SN2039
Religious StudiesDr. Lee Raineylrainey@mun.ca8864-8285A5008
Russian (MLLC)Dr Alec Brookesabrookes@mun.ca864-4788SN3052
SociologyDr. Stephen Crockerbcrocker@mun.ca864-7447A4068
Spanish (MLLC)Dr. Myriam Osoriomosorio@mun.ca864-4502SN-4045


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