Direct from High School

How to Prepare

Engineering is a competitive entry program. Once a student is accepted into Memorial University, their application will be processed by the Engineering Admissions Committee. The Engineering Admissions Committee is looking for:

  • Strong marks in advanced mathematics 
  • The appropriate mark in the Math Placement Test as administered by Memorial University
  • Strong marks in science (particularly physics and chemistry)
  • An overall good student 

How to Apply

Getting Started
Before applying to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, potential students should become familiar with the following information:

  • General regulations governing undergraduate study at Memorial University as documented in the University Regulations
  • The Engineering One program

Application to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science is dependent on previous educational experience. Interested applicants must complete the appropriate application as described below and all applications must be submitted to the Registrar's Office.

Current high school graduates, individuals who have never attended Memorial, and previous Memorial students who have not attended Memorial within the past two years should indicate their interest by checking the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science on Memorial University's general application for undergraduate studies following the University Application Guidelines. No other application is required.

Once You are Admitted

Promotion to Academic Term 3
Effective 2010-2011, all students must successfully complete the following requirements of Engineering One prior to being promoted to Academic Term 3:

  • A grade of at least 55 per cent in each of MATH 1001, MATH 2050, PHYS 1051, CHEM 1050, ENGI 1010, ENGI 1020, ENGI 1030 and ENGI 1040
  • A grade of at least 55 per cent in one of the ENGL 1080, ENGL 1020, ENGL 1000
  • An average of at least 65 per cent over the above nine courses

Students admitted to Engineering One must complete the requirements for promotion to Academic Term 3 within two academic years in order to remain in the engineering program. Students who fail to meet the requirements for promotion to Academic Term 3 before the end of the academic year following the year of admission will be deemed to have withdrawn from the engineering program.

Assignment of Major
Students completing the requirements of Engineering One are required to apply for their major assignment by April 1 of the academic year of admission, indicating their preferences for major in rank order. All engineering students who meet promotion requirements from Engineering One at the end of the academic year of admission will be guaranteed a place in Academic Term 3, although not necessarily in the preferred major. The faculty reserves the right to limit the number of spaces available in each major. The faculty also reserves the right to guarantee admission into a particular major at the time of admission into the engineering program.