Engineering Co-op Education Office

Ideas and innovation flourish at Memorial University and so do our students. Co-operative education fosters mutually beneficial partnerships between the university, its students and employers.

Using a co-operative education model, students receive valuable experiential learning opportunities and up to two years of practical work experience prior to graduation.

Our diverse group of co-op students provide work term employers with:

  • a dynamic and fresh perspective to organizations;
  • an exceptional knowledge base for engineering and the use of state-of-the-art engineering tools;
  • the latest investigation, problem analysis, design and project management skills to benefit organizations;
  • professionals who work well in team environments;
  • outstanding presentations and technical reports;
  • the opportunity to mentor and provide leadership skill-development opportunities for your management team;
  • an outlet for your organization to give back to the engineering profession by contributing to the education of future colleagues;
  • an opportunity to evaluate future potential hire opportunities.

For more information about our Engineering Co-operative Education program, please visit: