Process Engineering

Memorial’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science is one of the first schools in Canada to offer process engineering. This unique discipline is based on the principles of clean and green engineering and sustainable resource development. It is a broad field of engineering that encompasses the development, design, optimization and operation of sustainable processes for human needs. Process engineering places emphasis on the processing and production of petrochemicals, oil, gas, minerals, food and any other materials used to obtain valuable products.

Students and graduates of the process engineering program will be able to implement academic knowledge and integrated co-operative education experiences in a sustainable, efficient, safe and environmentally conscious manner to large-scale industrial development.

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Take a virtual tour of Process Engineering Department and Laboratories  








Sustainable Solutions: Researchers (including Process Engineering Professor Dr. Kelly Hawboldt) tackle coastal community sustainability through two-eyed seeing lense








Memorial’s Process Engineering Alum Angela Stacey (Class of 2020) discusses how a Process Engineering Degree can be applied in the design and development of child car seats 








Hear how Process Engineering joined forces with others to meet the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) testing early during the pandemic