Computer Engineering



Program Overview

The Master of Applied Science (MASc) in Computer Engineering is a course-based graduate program which prepares its graduates for further post-graduate study or for careers as Computer Engineers in sectors such as telecommunications, information technology, software development, and digital hardware design. The degree will provide participants with a balanced background in computer hardware and software and an in-depth knowledge of important applications areas, such as software development, hardware design, telecommunication systems, computer networks, and parallel computing.

The duration of this program is about 2 years.

Course requirements

The total credit requirement for this program is 33 credit hours. The courses are divided into core courses, elective courses and a project course. The core is designed to provide the students with advanced concepts and hardware/software skills in the area. The electives give more in-depth information on application areas. The project should be taken in the last two semesters.

Computer Engineering Project (3 credit hours)
ENGI 981A Computer Engineering Project A (zero credit hours)
ENGI 981B Computer Engineering Project B (three credit hours)

Five core courses (3 credit hours each)
ENGI 9818 Computer Software Foundations
ENGI 9819 Computer Hardware Foundations
ENGI 9865 Advanced Digital Systems
ENGI 9867 Advanced Computing Concepts for Engineering
ENGI 9874 Software Design and Specification

Please note: Students in this program must first complete ENGI 9818 and ENGI 9819 with a final grade no less than 65% to be eligible to register in any other course(s) for the program.

Five elective courses from the following list (3 credit hours each)
ENGI 9804 Image Processing and Applications
ENGI 9823 Computer Security
ENGI 9861 High-Performance Computer Architecture
ENGI 9868 ASIC Design
ENGI 9869 Advanced Concurrent Programming
ENGI 9871 Information Theory and Coding
ENGI 9872 Digital Communications
ENGI 9875 Embedded and Real-Time Systems Design
ENGI 9876 Advanced Data Networks
ENGI 9877 Cryptography
ENGI 9878 Wireless and Mobile Communications

Other courses approved by the Department Head, Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Students who take more than the required number of core or elective courses of this program will be charged tuition fee as per university policy for each additional course completed.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to the MASc in Computer Engineering program, the minimum requirements will normally be a second-class degree in computer engineering, information and computer science, electrical and information engineering, computer information technology or other relevant area of study from a university of recognized standing.

Intake: Fall, each year.

Information regarding the application process and procedure can be found here.