Civil Engineering

Memorial University’s civil engineering undergraduate program is broad, encompassing several distinct areas of specialization. The scope of civil engineering includes design, planning, managing and construction of highways, airports, harbours, dams, hydro developments, bridges, buildings, industrial plants, site remediation, pollution control and other environmental and water resources management projects.

Civil engineers work in all levels of government and for a wide variety of industries, from engineering consulting firms to construction companies. There are many areas of specialization; traditional areas include hydrotechnical, environmental, municipal, geotechnical, construction, structural, and transportation engineering. Emerging sub-disciplines include composite materials, environmental risk assessment and management, offshore structural safety and maintenance, infrastructure engineering and real-time condition monitoring.


June 23 marks the 10th annual celebration of International Women in Engineering Day.

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science is proud of its own and their exemplary undertakings. We are proud to profile our women engineers in a video series.