Design Your Life


Design Your Life

Do you wonder about how to achieve your dreams and goals? Do you feel held back by uncertainty? Are you interested in learning about tools and strategies to overcome life’s biggest questions?

If you answered yes to any of the above, get unstuck with Design Your Life (DYL)! Presented by Career Development, this interactive, workshop series will introduce you to the principles of design thinking: a powerful framework to explore what you want and how to create a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling, regardless of who or where you are.

What's in it for you:
  • Discover what truly motivates you and feed your interests
  • Learn how to navigate uncertainty, embrace challenges, and break free from feeling stuck
  • Practice creative problem-solving and strategic brainstorming

Note: Students who complete DYL programming will be issued a certificate of achievement at a closing event.

Registration priority for the DYL program is reserved for 1st year students. Consideration may be given to those beyond first year if space allows.

Please email with any inquiries about the Design Your Life program and offerings.

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Design Your Life Workshop Schedule:

Topic 1: Accepting and Empathizing

  • Intro to Design Thinking
  • Intention Setting
  • Framing Your Identity

Topic 2: Defining

  • Reframing & Redefining Success
  • Energy Mapping (What Energizes You? What Drains You?)

 Topic 3: Ideating

  • Ideation and Wild Ideas
  • 5 Steps to the Brainstorming Process
  • Divergent vs. Convergent Thinking

 Topic 4: Prototyping

  • Visualizing Possibilities Through "Odyssey" Planning
  • Prototyping: Learn What Works (And Doesn't) For You

Topic 5: Testing

  • The Decision-Making Process
  • Understanding & Overcoming Roadblocks

Closing Celebration
Certificates of Completion Issued (Refreshments provided)

Student Testimonial:

"The program was worth it. My favorites were learning about energy maps, odyssey plans and prototyping, convergent and divergent thinking, and ultimately, decision making, which was mentally stimulating for me."


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