All requests for accommodation (e.g., additional time to write a test) must be based on documented need, in accordance with the Accommodations for Students with Disabilities policy. It is the responsibility of the individual requesting an academic accommodation to provide the necessary documentation to the Blundon Centre.

Documentation acceptable to the university

Documentation acceptable to the university must be obtained from medical doctors, psychologists, audiologists, rehabilitation counsellors, or other professionals who have specific training, expertise, and experience in the diagnosis of conditions for which academic accommodation is being requested. In addition, all persons submitting documentation must be appropriately certified and/or licensed to practice their professions.

Documentation should outline the nature of the disability, along with a detailed explanation of the functional impact of the disability on the pursuit of post-secondary education. Where possible, the documentation should give explicit recommendations for remedial and/or coping strategies that will assist the student in his or her pursuit of a program or post-secondary education. A diagnosis alone (e.g., “learning disability,” “visual impairment,” or “hard of hearing”) is not sufficient to support a request for an academic accommodation.

The Blundon Centre will consult with students themselves as to the most appropriate accommodations in their specific cases (i.e., the accommodations requested in particular courses could vary depending on the method of evaluation used by course instructor(s).

Diagnostic testing services

While the university does not assume the cost of diagnostic services, the Blundon Centre can provide information on appropriate methods for obtaining documentation.

Staff at the Centre can assist students to identify potential funding sources that might cover some or all of the costs associated with diagnostic testing (e.g., private health insurance programs and/or the Canada Study Grant/Canada Student Loans Program).