Grad Student Work Experience Program - GradSWEP

As per institutional guidelines, students must be currently located in Canada in order to work with Memorial University, including all MUCEP/ISWEP/GradSWEP jobs.
Fall 2021 GradSWEP jobs will be posted from Friday, September 10 at 5 p.m. to Friday, September 17 at 12 p.m. Late applications will not be accepted.
GradSWEP jobs are often re-advertised during the first few weeks of the semester. Continue to check your "mymunlife" account to apply.

The Graduate Student Work Experience Program (GradSWEP) provides Memorial's graduate students with the opportunity to participate in 75-hour job placements, paid at the prevailing graduate student rate.

Placements provide relevant career experience in the student's area of study, connect the student with a community organization for all or part of their hours worked. Students are overseen by a Memorial faculty or staff supervisor.

  • Positions are open to currently registered full-time graduate students.
  • Positions are for 75 hours and are paid at the prevailing graduate student rate. Students must submit hours on a weekly basis to their employer or the employing department.
  • Students may hold a maximum of 2 GradSWEP positions in a semester.
  • They may also hold a GradSWEP in conjunction with other forms of university funding (e.g., TA or RA), as long as their combined hours worked per week do not exceed the maximum allowable as defined by the School of Graduate Studies (currently 24 hours per week).

To apply for a GradSWEP job, log into your account, go to the Student tab, then on the right-hand side click "Launch" in the Student Services area, and then select "My MUNLife" in the popup list. Next, on the left-hand pane select "Career", then "GradSWEP" and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions regarding GradSWEP positions, contact Carolyn Lono, On-Campus Employment Coordinator,