Make Midterm Matter

Make Midterm Matter! Get involved, expand your horizons, and make a difference!

Do you want to Make Midterm Matter? Join us on Wednesday, June 19, starting at 9 a.m. at the Whale Atrium (Core Science Facility) for a fun-filled day of volunteering, making friends, and positively impacting your local community.

Lunch and transportation will be provided!

Sign up NOW! Spaces are limited.

Since 2006, #MakeMidtermMatter has connected thousands of students to their community and each other, through volunteer work placements with   Rainbow Rider, the SPCA, the Gathering Place, and a multitude of other organizations on and off campus.  If you want to make a difference in your world and in the lives of people in your community then Make Midterm Matter is for you. Besides, it is super fun and you will meet very cool people - just like you! 

Skill-building: teamwork, interpersonal skills, time management