Test & Exam Accommodation Support

Fall 2021

Our Testing Coordinator is busy preparing for Fall 2021 semester.  We happy to once again be administering and invigilating in-person exams for students with testing accommodations that are enrolled in courses that have on-campus term tests, quizzes and exams.

Accessibility Services (Blundon Centre) will not be invigilating deferred exams or re-writes from previous (remote or online) semesters.  Students who have been granted a deferred exam or a rewrite from a previous semester will complete that exam in the modality in which it was originally offered (e.g. online exams from previous semesters will be written online).  Instructors who grant deferred exams or re-writes should work with their department to establish invigilators, or simply invigilate the exam virtually themselves.

More to come soon.....

When students notify Accessibility Services (Blundon Centre) that they require accommodations for their test/exam, Accessibility Services staff inform instructors via email. The email contains instructions for how instructors can access support from Accessibility Services (Blundon Centre) for test/exam invigilation for their students.

Revised: Septmeber 3, 2021