Accommodated Testing

The deadline has now passed for booking final exams for Winter 2024 semester

Accessibility Services (Blundon Centre) is proud to offer an Accommodated Testing Service for students with disabilities who require exam accommodations.  Each year over 10,000 exams are written through our service.  Only students who are registered with Accessibility Services and have formal testing accommodations are eligible for this service. 

Contact Information

Accommodated Testing
Accessibility Services (Blundon Centre)
Student Life
Memorial University, St. John's Campus
University Centre, 4th Floor UC-4000
Phone: (709) 864-6787

Important Test and Exam Booking Deadlines

  • Quizzes and term tests must be booked at least 2 weeks prior to the test date, using the Clockwork web portal 
  • Final exams must be booked at least 4 weeks prior to the first date of the final exam period, using the Clockwork web portal 

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Criteria for booking accommodated tests and exams

The Accommodated Testing Service in Accessibility Services administers tests and exams for on-campus course only.   Read the criteria below carefully to determine if your course, test or exam is eligible for booking with Accessibility Services: 

Courses and exams that are eligible for booking and required advanced booking with Accessibility Services include:

  • On-campus courses with in-person, invigilated tests or exams

Courses and exams that are not eligible for booking and do not need booking with Accessibility Services include:

  • Tests or exams for online courses.  These tests and exams are scheduled adn administered by the Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL).  Exam schedules for online courses are always be available at Memorial Self-Service (for online courses view "Online Learning Exam Schedule").  These exams do not need prior booking by students.
  • Test or exams that are completed online (Brightspace, etc.) and are NOT invigilated (i.e. supervised).  These tests and exams can generally be written

If, after reviewing the above test booking criteria, you are still unsure if your test or exam needs to be booked with our office, please email us at or call (709) 864-6787. 

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Booking Accommodated Tests and Exams

All accommodated tests are booked using the Clockwork web portal.  Term tests and quizzes are required to be booked 2-weeks prior to the testing date.  All final exams are required to be booked 4 weeks before the final exam period begins.  After these deadlines pass, we are unable to guarantee our ability to accommodate your test or exams.  

If you have trouble booking your exam or test through the Clockwork web portal, please contact our office at or (709) 864-6787.

If you miss the booking deadline and still require testing accommodations, we encourage you to contact your instructor for guidance.

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What to Expect

Please read the following information carefully as it outlines what you can expect, as a test taker, when writing an exam with Accessbility Services:

What to bring:

  • Your Memorial student ID or other government-issued photo ID (failure to produce a photo ID could result in being prevented from sitting for the exam 
  • Only the materials you need to complete the examination
  • Coats, hats, bags or purses are not permitted in the examination room.  They are to remain outside of the exam room until you have completed your exam.
  • Electronic devices (including but not limited to smartphones, cellphones, tablets, etc.) are not permitted inside the examination room.  They are to be powered down (or placed on silent mode) and left outside of the exam room.  If your instructor has permitted the use of certain electronic devices for the purposes of completing your exam, we must be notified in writing by the instructor in advance, at which time you will be permitted to access those/that electronic devices.
  • Smart watches, activity trackers and similar devices are not permitted in the exam room.  These devices should be removed and placed outside of the room prior to the start of the exam.

Arriving for your exam:

  • We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes prior to the start of your test or exam
  • Proceed to the location that is provided in your Clockwork calendar and your email reminder.  If your email reminder did not include an exam location, you can report to UC-4000 and you will be provided with the exam location.
  • Students who arrive late and beyond 30 minutes of the scheduled exam start time will not be permitted to sit for the exam.  We will communicate this decision to your instructor.
  • Students who arrive late but within 30 minutes of the scheduled exam start time will be permitted to sit for the exam, but the time limit of the exam will not be adjusted to account for the late start.

During the exam:

  • Accessibility Services attempts to maintain quiet and distraction-reduced environments for all test-takers.  
  • Your accommodations will be provided based on the most recent information provided to the testing staff.  If your accommodations do not match those offered to you, you should speak with your Advisor immediately following the exam. 
  • If you are writing an exam at a different time than your classmates, you may be required to be sequestered.  You will be notified of this in advance.
  • The Accommodated Testing Office is open until 10:00pm each weekday.  If, with your accomodations, your testing time will go beyond 10:00pm, your start time may have to be adjusted.  You will be notified of this in advance.

A statement about academic integrity & dishonesty:

Accessibility Services (Blundon Centre) is responsible for the administration of tests and exams on behalf of individual instructors and faculty members.  As such we take considerable care in ensuring academic and exam integrity and have a duty to report instances of reported or suspected academic dishonesty.    

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Cancelling a test or exam

If, for any reason, you are unable to write or do not need to write a test or exam that you have booked, we ask that you please cancel the test booking in the Clockwork web portal 48-hours before the test date.  

If you need to cancel an exam and the 48-hour cancellation window has passed, please email us at or call (709) 864-6787 to cancel your booking.

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Deferred Tests and Exams

Accessibility Services cannot grant deferred exams.  Deferred tests and exams can only be granted by the course instructor. 

Tests and mid-term exams: If you are prevented from writing a test or mid-term exam due to illness, bereavement or other acceptable cause you should reach out to your instructor to request a deferred test or exam as soon as possible.

Granting of a rescheduled mid-term exam is not guaranteed. Instructors may opt to prorate grades in lieu of a rescheduled test or mid-term, or may require a comprehensive final to be written.  Your instrutor will communicate all options to you.

Final Exam: If you are prevented from writing a final exam due to illness, bereavement or other acceptable cause, you may apply, with supporting documents, to have the final examination deferred. Please see the university regulations to learn more about this process.  If you have questions about this process please contact your course instructor or Department Head.

If you have been granted a deferred test or exam, please review the following section on how to book a deferred test or exam.

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Booking a deferred test or exam

Students who are granted permission by their course instructor to write a deferred test or exam are eligible to be book their deferred test or exam with Accessibility Service (Blundon Centre).  Please note, however, that these bookings are handled differently than regularly scheduled tests and exams. 

Deferred tests and exams cannot booked using the test booking feature in the Clockwork web portal. 

To book a deferred test or exam, students need to forward confirmation and approval from the course instructor to  The student and instructor should identify a mutually agreeable date and time (inline with the time frames below) when scheduling a deferred test or exam.


Test/Exam Type

Deferred Exam Date(s)

Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer

Term tests, quizzes, etc.

Prior to end of classes in current semester

Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer 

Final exam

Within first 2 weeks of the following semester


All tests & exams

As soon as possible

If you need to make changes to a deferred exam that has already been scheduled, please contact us at or call (709) 864-6787. 

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