Alternate Format Request

Some students need to access textbooks, class readings and other print documents in an alternate format such as Braille, audiobooks, or digital versions that can be read by text-to-voice software.

Students registered with the Blundon Centrecan request an alternate format version of a book required for their studies.

Depending on the publisher, it can take a number of weeks to provide a file, if available. Therefore, students are encouraged to submit a request as soon as the item information is known.

Please note: Most publishers require students to provide a receipt to show that they have purchased the book before providing an alternate format file.

Click on the email below to open a template with details you can fill out or email us directly with the information below.

Request an alternate format -

Required Information

Student's Name (last name, first name):
MUN email:
Phone Number:


About your Requested Item:

If requesting a textbook, the Memorial University Bookstore offers a convenient look-up feature that can be used to identify the title and author of textbooks. This information can be copied and pasted into the relevant fields below. Students are also encouraged to consult their course syllabus for any changes.

Book Title:
Copyright/Publication Date:
Preferred alternate format, if available (e.g. audiobook, electronic text, EPUB PDF, Word):
Operating System (Mac or Windows):
Additional Information (e.g., if your course is using specific chapters, short stories, or poems within this item, provide the author(s), title(s) and page number(s):

Your request will be investigated by the staff at the Blundon Centre. They will follow up with you within 1-2 business days.