Interviews and Tips from MUN International Alumni

Ziyi Qian 

MUN International Alumnus Ziyi Qian talks about how his on-campus work experience has helped him enter the workplace after graduation.


Tanaya Chatterjee

MUN International Alumna Tanaya Chatterjee talks about how her international background and experience have made her an asset to her organization


Ying Zhang

In addition to being the Manager of International Programs in the Faculty of Business, Ying Zhang is also a Memorial International Alumna.


Tian Liao

MUN International Alumna Tian Liao explains how her volunteer and international experience helped her develop skills essential to a successful career.


Bhakti Henpitaarachchi

MUN international alumna Bhakthi Henpitaarachchi provides students with 5 career-related tips.


Kshama Roy

MUN International alumnus Kshama Roy talks about the transition from his studies to the workplace and the benefits of hiring international students.


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