Accessible Education

Student Life works with faculty and staff on the St. John's campus to facilitate and promote an accessible learning environment for all students.

We will work with you on everything from providing guidance on how to ensure your PowerPoint presentation is accessible, and how to adapt your course design and pedagogy to enhance inclusion, to support you in implementing test and exam accommodations. We can offer you advice on selecting textbooks from publishers who can provide accessible formats for students who use screen readers or other technology.

Memorial's Accessibility for Students with Disabilities Policy and guidelines for accommodations articulate the responsibilities related to ensuring access to education and services for students with disabilities.

Our faculty and instructors are valued partners in our efforts to reduce barriers in the classroom and improve access to education for all students by understanding and applying the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Staff in the Blundon Centre work with individual instructors to coach them through the process of integrating Universal Design for Learning into their course design and pedagogical practices.

If you are interested in making your classroom more accessible and integrating the principles of universal design for learning into your course design and pedagogical practices contact Jason Geary at

Administrative and academic support units also play a crucial role in fostering a culture of accessibility on campus. Staff in the Blundon Centre are available to offer guidance on how to ensure all programs, resources and events offered by Memorial University are fully accessible to all our students. 

If you planning an event, creating a new program or resource and would like advice on how to ensure all students can fully participate, please contact Jason Geary at