Graduate Students

M.A. students
JD Archer JD Archer Historical archaeology, vernacular architecture, households, cemeteries, 17th Century Ferryland, Newfoundland. Dr. B. Gaulton
Eileen Bethune Eileen Bethune Historical Archaeology, comparative analysis, vernacular architecture, built environments, 17th-century Ferryland. Dr. B. Gaulton
Georgia Boukouvalas Michael Georgia Boukouvalas Michael Queer & feminist archaeology, contemporary archaeology, graffiti archaeology, performativity, politics of memory, counter-monumentality, marginality, identity, temporality. Dr. P. Whitridge
Ivan Carlson Ivan Carlson Archaeoentomology, environmental archaeology, Labrador Inuit, cultural landscapes, human agency and use of space in archaeological contexts. Dr. V. Forbes / Dr. P. Whitridge
Mallory Champagne Mallory Champagne Historical archaeology, material culture studies, trade and globalization, ceramic studies, French colonial fisheries, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. Dr. C. Losier
Jake De La Plante Jake De La Plante Historical Archaeology, Military History /Archaeology, Classical History, Material Culture, Experimental Archaeology. Dr. B. Gaulton
Marisa Dusseault Marisa Dusseault Materials science, coastal archaeology, radiocarbon dating, bivalve mollusks, sclerochronology, human-environment interactions. Dr. M. Burchell
Megan Garlie Megan Garlie Human osteology, bioarchaeology, historical
archaeology, isotope analysis, Atlantic Canada, diet and mobility.
Dr. V. Grimes / Dr. A. Scott (UNB)
Robynn Hoskins Robynn Hoskins Historical Archaeology, gender, poverty, children, material culture, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, French migratory fishery. Dr. C. Losier
Natasha Jones Natasha Jones Indigenous archaeology, oral history, community-oriented archaeology, Mi’kmaq, Ktaqmkuk (Newfoundland), researcher-in-relation. Dr. S. Neilsen / Dr. B. Gaulton
Sarah Kuehn Sarah Kuehn Shell Middens, Gastropods, Stable Isotope Analysis, Paleoclimate, Paleoenvironment, Paleoecology, Paleodiet, Subsistence Strategies. Dr. M. Burchell
Juliet Lanphear Juliet Lanphear L’Anse aux Meadows, public archaeology, the Norse, and Icelandic archaeology. Dr. V. Forbes
Emma Lewis-Sing Emma Lewis-Sing Palaeoethnobotany, Environmental
Archaeology, Beothuk-European relations, Ferryland, Newfoundland.
Dr. M. Deal / Dr. B. Gaulton
Francois P. Levasseur François P. Levasseur Palaeo-Inuit, Dorset, Harpoon Heads, Photogrammetry, Arctic, Experimental Archaeology. Dr. P. Whitridge
Megan Mackinnon Megan Mackinnon Shell midden archaeology, Coastal archaeology, human-environment interactions, paleoclimate, subsistence, microscopy, postcolonial theory. Dr. M. Burchell
Chase McLean Chase McLean Private collections, heritage policy and legislation. Dr. S. Neilsen
Pier-Ann Milliard Pier-Ann Milliard Environmental archaeology, entomology, palynology, Arctic archaeology, paleoecology. Dr. V. Forbes
Blank place holder for profile Karen Northover Historical archaeology, civilian fortifications, Fox Island. Dr, B. Gaulton
Carli Perri Carli Perri Historical Archaeology, 19th-century Ferryland, household archaeology, identity, ceramic analysis, material culture, comparative analysis. Dr. B. Gaulton
Ian Predham Ian Predham Shell Midden Archaeology, Marine Bivalves, Sclerochronology, Atlantic Canada, Stable Isotope Analysis, Microscopy. Dr. M. Burchell
Sarah Robinson Sarah Robinson Oral history, collaborative archaeology, toponyms, Inuit studies. Dr. Lisa Rankin
Carlos Salazar Guerra Carlos Salazar Guerra Archaeoentomology, Environmental Archaeology, L’Anse aux Meadows, Paleoecology, peat bogs, Coleoptera. Dr. V. Forbes
Kayley Sherret Kayley Sherret European-Indigenous interaction in Labrador, post-colonial archaeology, cultural exchange, community involvement. Dr. L. Rankin
Jacinda Sinclair Jacinda Sinclair Northern and Arctic Canada, Inuit whaling and trade, history of archaeology. Dr. L. Rankin
Jeffrey Speller Jeffrey Speller L’Anse aux Meadows, soil/sediment micromorphology, geoarchaeology, environmental archaeology. Dr. V. Forbes
Colleen Tamblyn Colleen Tamblyn Historical archaeology, community archaeology, consumption theory, material culture, ceramic analysis, and French settlement in Atlantic Canada. Dr. B. Gaulton / Dr. C. Losier
P.hD. students
Chelsee Arbour Chelsee Arbour First peoples of the Québec/Labrador peninsula, quartz and lithic studies, narrative construction and discourse studies, knowledge practices, community-oriented archaeology. Dr. P. Whitridge
Julia Brenan Julia Brenan Recent past, digital archaeology, military waste, Labrador, heritage. Dr. S. Neilsen / Dr. M. Burchell
Jamie Brake Jamie Brake Heritage policy and legislation, Inuit, Nunatsiavut. Dr. L. Rankin
Ashley Cameron Ashley Cameron Precontact archaeology, Labrador, Innu and Inuit, lithic analysis, residue analysis,
community archaeology.
Dr. S. Neilsen
John Andrew Campbell John A. Campbell Precontact and Contact Archaeology, Ethnohistory, Hybridity, Landscape Ethnoecology, Entanglement. Dr. M. Deal / Dr. S. Neilsen
Amy Chase Amy Chase Prehistoric art, rock art, personal
ornamentation, symbolism, Neandertals, Cognitive Archaeology.
Dr. O. Moro Abadía
Katy D'Agostino Katy D'Agostino Community Archaeology; Contemporary Archaeology; Heritage Preservation; Newfoundland culture; Crafting; Textiles; Craft Commodification. Dr. L. Rankin
Michelle Davies Michelle Davies Hebron, Nunatsiavut, Labrador Inuit, relocation, community/ public archaeology, historical archaeology. Dr. L. Rankin
Caylee Dzurka Caylee Dzurka Arctic Archaeology, Dorset Archaeology, Gender in Prehistory, Queer Archaeology, Landscapes, Zooarchaeology, Human-Animal Relationships, Dorset Art.  Dr. P. Whitridge
Deidre Elliot Deirdre Elliott Labrador Inuit, whaling, zooarchaeology,
mobility and trade, human-animal relations, socioeconomy.
Dr. L. Rankin / Dr. P. Whitridge
David M. Finch David M. Finch Precontact and Contact era archaeology, Labrador, Innu, community-based archaeology, ethnohistory, subarctic, resilience. Dr. S. Neilsen / Dr. L. Rankin
Robyn Lacy Robyn Lacy Dead and Burial, Mortuary, New England, Newfoundland, 17th Century, Colonialism. Dr. B. Gaulton / Dr. S. Lewis-Simpson
Meghann Livingston Meghann Livingston Historical Archaeology, Colonial Atlantic World, French fisheries, material culture studies, cultural landscapes, C17-C18 Saint-Pierre et Miquelon and Newfoundland. Dr. C. Losier
Kirstine Eiby Møller Kirstine Eiby Møller Greenlandic Inuit, Heritage, knowledge practices, cultural identity, historical archaeology, memory, cultural encounters. Dr. L. Rankin
Adrian Morrison Adrian Morrison Historical archaeology, Northeastern North America, Nova Scotia, trades and industries, vernacular architecture, households, early modern capitalism. Dr. B. Gaulton / Dr. M. Deal
Jess Munkittrick Jess Munkittrick Bioarchaeology, stable and radiogenic isotope analyses, childhood, North Eastern North America, Caribbean, health, historical archaeology, medical history. Dr. V. Grimes
Rita Ujunwa Onah Rita Ujunwa Onah Precontact and historical archaeology of Inuit and Igbo peoples, colonialism, economic and social archaeology, landscape archaeology, community/public archaeology. Dr L. Rankin
Aubrey O'Toole Aubrey O'Toole Historical archaeology, New Netherland, material culture, identity, ethnogenesis, foodways, room use, households, 17th-century North America Dr. B. Gaulton / Dr. C. Losier
Brent Suttie Brent Suttie Archaeological predictive modelling,
precontact mobility models, landscape archaeology, archaeological method, early Holocene archaeology of Northeastern North America. 
Dr. S. Neilsen
Bryn Tapper Bryn Tapper Rock art, landscape archaeology, Maritime Algonquian cultures, relational ontology, photogrammetry, RTI. Dr. O. Moro Abadía / Dr. M. Deal
Susana Vallejos Susana Vallejos Material culture, ships, nationalism, symmetry, things, heritage, interpretation. Dr. O. Moro Abadía / Dr. C. Losier
James Williamson James Williamson Beothuk, Settlement Patterns, Geographical Information Systems, Photogrammetry, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Predictive Modelling. Dr. L. Rankin / Dr. P. Whitridge