Sarah Kuehn

Previous Education

B. A. (Archaeology), Memorial University, 2018
M.A. (Archaeology), Memorial University, 2021


Dr. Meghan Burchell


Shell Middens, Gastropods, Stable Isotope Analysis, Paleoclimate, Paleoenvironment, Paleoecology, Paleodiet, Subsistence Strategies.

Research Statement

My research is focused on what gastropods can tell us archaeologically. By using analysis of stable oxygen isotopes, it is possible to determine the paleoclimate conditions at the time that the organisms lived. Using growth rates, it is possible to determine the season of death which indicates when these organisms were collected. This can be used to determine subsistence patterns and by comparing the number of gastropods to other shell midden inclusions, it can be determined if there was preferential selection for these organisms. This can lead to a better understanding of settlement patterns and organization with associated cultural implications for past populations of the Pacific Northwest Coast.