Jordan Hollahan

Jordan Hollahan
Previous Education

Dipl. (Ancient Worlds), Memorial University, 2021
B.A. (Hons.) (Archaeology), Memorial University, 2021
M.A. (Egyptology), University of Birmingham, 2022


Dr. Barry Gaulton


Historical Archaeology, Colonial Archaeology, Seventeenth Century, Newfoundland and Labrador Archaeology, Community/Public Archaeology, Egyptology, New Kingdom Egypt.

Research Statement

My PhD research is a targeted investigation of George Calvert’s (and later David Kirke’s) Mansion House in Ferryland, Newfoundland, through its thousands of related artifacts and surrounding structures of the seventeenth century village. It will be conceptualized through a manorial model (or manor system) by comparing the site to Calvert’s earlier manors in North Yorkshire (England), Wexford (Ireland) and Longford (Ireland). To coincide with my passion for public archaeology, I will also be creating an accessible, interactive digital map of the site showing the evolution of the manor house and other structures at the site between 1621 and 1696.