Zhe Min (Chermaine) Liew

Zhe Min (Chermaine) Liew
Previous Education

B.A. Hons. (Archaeology), Memorial University, 2020


Dr. Catherine Losier


Historical Archaeology, Cultural Landscape Studies, Collaborative Archaeology, Landscape Analysis, Bay Bulls, Newfoundland. 

Research Statement

My research focuses on the landscape transformation in Bay Bulls, Newfoundland, from the 16th century to the Cod Moratorium in 1992. Using a geographic information system (GIS), I will document and analyze the landscape transformation of Bay Bulls in the Longue DurĂ©e (long term). Building a chronological GIS heritage map will lead to a better understanding of the landscape modifications through time and how historical events have impacted the settlement. This will contribute to the community's current discussion of heritage and preservation in Bay Bulls.