Pier-Ann Milliard

Previous Education

B.A. (Archaeology), Université Laval, 2019
M.A. (Archaeology), Memorial University, 2022


Dr. Véronique Forbes


Archaeoentomology, Environmental Archaeology, Arctic/Sub-Arctic foragers, Human-Environment Interactions, Peat Bogs, North Atlantic.

Research Statement

My research will characterize environmental change and attempt to capture and document the ecological footprint of various sub-Arctic and Arctic foragers’ populations who lived on the island of Newfoundland over the past thousand years or so. By extension, it examines how their activities affected the local landscape and biodiversity. This will be achieved through a diachronic palaeoecological reconstruction, where data obtained from my archaeoentomological analysis (as the main focus) will be integrated with palynology, Bayesian modelling of radiocarbon dates, and other archaeological and ethnohistorical datasets available for targeted sites and areas.


Email: pmilliard@mun.ca