Pier-Ann Milliard

Previous Education

B.A. (Archaeology), Université Laval, 2019


Dr. Véronique Forbes


Environmental archaeology, entomology, palynology, Arctic archaeology, paleoecology.

Research Statement

My Master's project will contribute to characterizing environmental change in southern Greenland, through an analysis of insect remains collected in the vicinity of a specific archaeological site. I will attempt to document the potentially distinct ecological signatures of the different Indigenous (Inuit) and settler (Moravian missionaries) communities who lived in the area. This will be achieved through a diachronic palaeoecological reconstruction, where data obtained from my archaeoentomological analyses will be integrated with palynology, Bayesian modelling of radiocarbon dates, and other archaeological and ethnohistorical datasets available for the site and the region. This project will be conducted as part of the NSF-funded North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation (NABO) initiative ‘Co-production of scientific knowledge and the building of local archaeological capacity in Greenland’.


Email: pmilliard@mun.ca