Kassandra L. Drake

Kassandra Drake
Previous Education

B.A. (Hons.) (Archaeology), Memorial University, 2023


Dr. Paul Ledger 
Dr. Catherine Losier


Palynology, Environmental Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Peat Bogs, Newfoundland.

Research Statement

My proposed MA research will employ environmental and historical archaeological approaches to build the biography, with a long-term perspective, of a site in Little St. Lawrence on the Burin Peninsula, Newfoundland. This will be achieved through integrating and cross-referencing palynology, radiocarbon dating, and utilizing Bayesian modelling with archival and historical records along with material culture to create a chronological history of the site and, in doing so, also provide insight into the daily practices and subsistence strategies through time in Little Saint Lawrence. Consequently, this project also has the potential to explore the environmental impacts of previous natural disasters in the area and their implications on the landscape, human populations, and the archaeological record through the analysis of pollen distribution, stratigraphy, and the archaeological context.