Our department comprises faculty members, instructors, conservation and curatorial staff, and administrative staff who want to make your experience in our department enriching and positive. We have a broad range of interests and expertise to help guide you through your program.

Headshots of archaeology faculty and staffTop row, left to right: Dr. Mario Blaser, Dr. Meghan Burchell, Dr. Véronique Forbes, Dr. Barry Gaulton and Dr. Vaughan Grimes. Middle row, left to right: Dr. Paul Ledger, Dr. Catherine Losier, Dr. Oscar Moro Abadía, Dr. Scott Neilsen and Dr. Lisa Rankin. Bottom row, left to right: Dr. Peter Whitridge, Donna Teasdale, Maria Lear, Fran Banfield and Glenda Hiscock.

Visit the pages of our graduate students and post-doctoral researchers to learn about the research they are undertaking, and visit MUNArch (the Archaeology student society at Memorial University) to find out about various social and educational events.