Archaeology Co-operative Education (ACE)

The Archaeology Co-operative Education (ACE) Program is an extension of the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts Honours programs. The program is administered by the designated Academic Staff Member in Co-operative Education (ASM-CE) for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. With the help of the ASM-CE and the Department of Archaeology, ACE students seek placement opportunities within the Province, within Canada, and internationally.

Who is Eligible?

The ACE program is available to full-time Archaeology majors only. Students who participate in the ACE program must meet the requirements listed under the Regulations for the General Degree of Bachelor of Arts and First Courses. In addition, the ACE Program requires two work term courses, 300W and 400W, as described in Work Terms.

Admission is limited and selective. To be eligible for admission an applicant must have successfully completed a minimum of 30 credit hours with an overall average of at least 65% as follows:

  • all applicants must have completed Archaeology 1000 and 2480
  • all applicants must have completed Archaeology 3585/3586 (Field School) or have significant archaeology experience

It is also advised that students choose courses which can satisfy the requirements for the Core Requirements as outlined under Bachelor of Arts General Degree Components, including courses in a second language.

Transfer students from other universities will be placed in the term of the program judged to be appropriate considering equivalent credits, as determined by the Department.

How do I Apply?

Applications must include the following:

  1. All pages of the completed ACE Application Form Oct. 2021 (PDF)
  2. A letter (one page maximum) to the Academic Staff Member, Co-operative Education, explaining your interest in the program and why you feel you are a good candidate.
  3. A current resume.
  4. Your initials on the relevant pages of the application form to verify that you have read information about the program.
  5. A signature from the ACE Coordinator supporting your application to the co-op program.

Application deadline for spring/summer work terms: November 15 (or next business day).

Submit the completed ACE Application Form by email to the Co-op Office for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences: Applicants should note that it is possible to apply to enter ACE only in the Fall semester commencing in September of each academic year.


Please contact either Dr. Catherine Losier (, Theresa Mackenzie ( or Rebecca Newhook (