John Andrew Campbell


B.S. (Anthropology), Bridgewater State University, US, 2011
M.A. (Archaeology), Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2016


Dr. Michael Deal Dr. Scott Neilsen


Precontact and Contact Archaeology, Ethnohistory, Hybridity, Landscape Ethnoecology, Entanglement.

Research Statement

My Ph.D. research investigates Wabanaki and European cultural interactions during the Protohistoric period (1500-1630). The aim of this research is to examine the interrelationship between change and continuity, in addition to memory and practice of the Wabanaki during the Protohistoric period. This will explore how initial contact with varying European groups affected Wabanaki ontologies and world view, in conjunction with altering settlement patterns and trade networks among Wabanaki peoples. Additionally, an analysis of hybridized material culture used in social practice will be conducted in order to address memory and collective, or individual, histories. Lastly, I will examine the lasting effects of cultural interactions during this period and how it affected the Wabanaki.