Program Planning Documents

Please see below for documents and links helpful for planning your undergraduate program in the Department of Archaeology: 

B.A. (General) Degree
B.A. (Honours) Degree
B.A. (Joint Honours) Degree
Archaeology Co-operative Education (ACE) Degree
Diploma in Ancient Worlds
Certificate in Indigenous Studies

If you have any questions, please reach out to the appropriate contact below:

  • Questions about the Major, Minor, Honours, or Joint Honours in Archaeology contact: Dr. Mario Blaser, Undergraduate Program Director. 
  • Questions about the Archaeology Co-operative Education (ACE) program contact: Dr. Catherine Losier, Archaeology Co-operative Education Coordinator. 
  • Questions about the Certificate in Indigenous Studies contact: Dr. Mario Blaser, Certificate in Indigenous Studies Coordinator.
  • Questions about the Diplomia in Ancient Worlds contact: Dr. Mario Blaser, Diploma in Ancient Worlds Coordinator.