Nadia Ruiz Peralta

Nadia Ruiz Peralta
Previous Education

B.A. (Archaeology), National School of Anthropology and History, 2019


Dr. Oscar Moro-Abadía
Dr. Mario Blaser


Monumentality, collective memory, counter-monumentality, heritage, archaeology of the contemporary world.

Research Statement

My research project questions the entanglement between collective memory and heritage concerning a counter-monumentality case in Mexico. The study involves a Christopher Columbus monument from the 19th century erected on one of the country's most important avenues. I delve into its history and how society interacts with it when collective memory is transformed over time, focusing on the object's materiality as an intrusion of the past. Through this study emerged themes of feminism, anti-monumentality, the public appropriation of space, and the use of archaeological objects to construct a past legitimized by the Mexican state.