B.A. (General) Degree

MAJOR in Archaeology

Students majoring in Archaeology must meet the requirements listed under Regulations for the General Degree of Bachelor of Arts. Under these Regulations, a minimum of 36 credit hours in Archaeology is required. Students wishing to concentrate in this option must take:

  • 15 credit hours from Group 1 (Core Courses) which must include:

ARCH 1000: Introduction to Archaeology
ARCH 2480: Principles of Archaeology
ARCH 4182: History of Archaeology ARCH 4411: Archaeological Theory

  • 9 credit hours from Group 2 (Field and Laboratory Courses);
  • 3 credit hours from Group 3 (Regional Courses);
  • 6 credit hours from Group 4 (Topical Courses).
  • The remaining 3 credit hours may be in any other Archaeology course, except ARCH 2492, 2493 or 2495.

Suggested course progressions are available for students wishing to specialize in Bioarchaeology / Archaeological Science and Historical Archaeology.

MINOR in Archaeology

A minor in Archaeology may be achieved by completing the following courses:

  • 6 credit hours in Archaeology courses at the 3000-level
  • 3 credit hours in Archaeology courses at the 4000-level
  • 9 credit hours chosen from Archaeology courses at any level, except ARCH or .

Course Groupings for the Archaeology Program
Group 1 (Core Courses)
Group 2 (Field and Laboratory Courses):
Group 3 (Regional Courses):
Group 4 (Topical Courses):